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Micro Processor Controllers

Temperature Controllers

Large-Scale LED  Display

Temperature& Humidity Transmitter

Digital LED Display

PTC Temperature Controllers

SCR Power Regulator

Solid State Relays

Digital Timers

Thermocouples / Extension Wire


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Increase hardware is a technical job, We do not suggested our customers to operate it ~  

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Micro Processor Controllers


Modify Input

01.From K2 (0.0~400.0)to AN5(4-20mA/0.0~100)

01.1From K2 (0.0~400.0)to AN5(4-20mA/0.0~200)

02. From K2 (0.0~400.0)to AN4(0~10V/0.0~100)

03. From K2 (0.0~400.0)to AN4(0~1V/0.0~100)

Modify Output 04. 101(Relay) to 201(SSR)

05. 101(Relay) to 301(4-20mA)

06. 400 add AL2

07. 700 add AL2

08. 6/8/900 add AL2

09. 6/8/900 add AL3

10. 301(4-20mA) to B01(0~10V)/A01(0~5V)

11. 400 add Output2

12. 700 add Output2

13. 6/8/900 add Output2

Peripheral functions 14. RATE & SOAK

15. Alarm Reverse

16. Hot Runner Molding (R-Y & W-T)

17. Motor-operated valve control

18. Heating/Cooling control

19. TTL-Host

20. TTL-Servant

21. RS485(MODBUS)

Other 22. Double SV display

23. △ KEY OFF

24. Panel control to external switches control


 Coupling  position of AL2

Coupling  position of AL3/OUT2

Metal terminal position


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